About Us

De-Addiction Movement
Governed and organized by 7 Formulae Movements
Vichaar Kranti Abhiyaan, Shantikunj Haridwar (Uttarakhand, India)

All World Gayatri Parivar, established and founded by great sage, renowned freedom fighter, veteran organizer, Vedmurti, Taponishth, Pt. SriRam Sharma Acharya ji has pioneered many social reformation movements through his disciple kids.
These Yug-Sainiks and Srijan Senanis are conducting many programs to reform and save society from ill traditions and helping society for addiction free India.
Today, our whole social system is mourning and our youth power is vanishing under threats of Drugs. Even small kids are addicted to same.Society is facing many crimes through it. Negativity, Depression, Tension and stress have taken our nextGen under Grip.
To get rid of their pressures and tensions temporarily, our youngsters are rapidly adopting these anti-health products. These are slow poisons, young and mighty bodies are getting hollow and mass is being energy less.
At forum of De addiction movement, All World Gayatri Parivar is trying its best to save our kids and youngsters, the future of our Nation through various activities like Seminars, Workshops, Rallies, videos, Banners and posters, meditation sessions, Yog and Pranayam, public awareness activities.
We call upon all intellectuals to join hands to make India Addiction free and hence Super Power.

21st Century- India Century so Lets Rise, awake and March Forward for this holy mission.

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