Our Vision & Mission


To make true the dream of Param Pujya Gurudev, Swami Vivekananda, Maharishi Arvind and other great saints that India will lead the world in 21st century, India will direct the world culture and there will be one nation, one religion, one constitution. To make our society terror free, civilized and progressive. To embark the sparkles of scientific religion and modern spirituality in place of ill traditions and blind beliefs which push us backward direction.

Rising of Deity in Human Being and Incarnation of heaven on Earth is the main vision of this grand, pious and great historical movement, unique in its own kind. To uphold and enrich the Chintan, Chartira and Vyavhar (Thinking, Character and Behavior) of human by 4 step program Sadhna, Swadhyay, Sanyam, Sewa. This is the only way to grow the Gun, Karma and Swabhava (Virtue, Action and Nature). We at the forum of All World Gayatri Pariwar are committed under the flag of Vichar kranti Abhiyan and Logo of Lal Mashal to bring Satyug on earth and determined with our souls.


To make our country addiction free.

To make our youths Drug Free, healthy and constructive with innovative positive thoughts

  • To spread a campaign against different kind of drugs spreading amongst youths in various ways.
  • To enforce government of different states and sequentially of countries to ban drugs in any kind.
  • To make society aware about the loss of addiction and motivate them to save from drugs and invest in construction.
  • To produce true and good Humans.
  • To establish creative movements for social reformation.
  • To teach people the Art of Living.
  • A spirit to use the human resource in most productive way where the hearts are filled with affection for others, dutifulness for society and patriotism for country.
  • An intense desire to take challenging responsibilities and leadership roles.
  • A herculean task to mingle the Science and Spirituality and to prove that they are not opposite but complementary to each other.
  • To develop an environment for creating new knowledge through research and by thriving to explore innovative ideas in perspective of Ancient Hindu Culture and Vedic Sciences..
  • To invite, cooperate and guide intellectuals and people of prestige to donate their time and money for welfare of the society.
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